Workshops for Teams


CHAMPS brings teams together and engages them in a discussion about Mental Wealth, not only because that creates a shared language and understanding that transfers back with the team day-to-day, but because it creates a shared experience that makes future conversation just that little bit easier.

All of our team sessions are bespoke and designed to fit your organisation and your needs.  We don’t like huge slide decks or slides filled with words that are hard to digest and tend to disengage even the most diligent of people.  We create a space in which a team can have a conversation through exercises which bring the concepts to life in a way that is accessible, fun and, most importantly, safe.


Bespoke webinars and/or speaker engagements

We are developing the topics that we believe are pertinent to all human beings during this pandemic. If you are interested in offering these in a bespoke way across your organisation, our advice is to ask people what they would find most helpful as our diverse team of associates can cover an incredibly broad range of topics.

Webinar Topics

One Day My Mental Wealth™ CHAMPion Training


The One Day My Mental Wealth™ CHAMPion training is aimed at all employees in a workplace. It is perfect for those who have people management responsibilities as part of their day job, leading to some likelihood of them coming into contact with people who may be experiencing declining mental wellbeing.

Let’s Talk About Mental Wealth™

Creating a thriving culture of mental wellbeing at work requires everyone to be “all in”.

By giving yourself and your team the knowledge and skill sets required to support each other in staying well in the workplace, you can build an effective mental health “safety net” that allows you to address issues before they become emergencies.

Let’s Talk About Mental Wealth is a training that will help you create a robust culture of “looking after one another”, and turn your workplace into a source of support rather than a stressor.

Trauma-informed workshops

Although we have all found ourselves in what the experts’ term a collective trauma with the global pandemic, some organisations and industries work on the front-line and are “doing hope” for others as part of their everyday role. Whilst your people in those jobs are already used to dealing with emotionally difficult situations through their work, it is important those individuals are supported to help them cope with what they hear and witness.

Team CHAMPS can provide support that is preventative for your teams by:

  • delivering bespoke training & guidance, as to how to be on the front foot and be in the best place to receive traumatic calls/deal with traumatic situations 
  • helping people to understand their coping mechanisms to deploy in the moment, and afterwards to keep themselves as well as possible
  • ensuring your managers have additional support to feel confident in supporting the team.

We adopt an evidence based positive psychology approach, which considers the difficulties and busyness of work and life. We draw on the expertise within our team on trauma, post-traumatic growth and learning to facilitate behaviour change. We can offer a modular option of support which can incorporate group support. 

If you would like to find out how our experts can support you with a trauma-informed requirement, please do get in touch.

HR Team Support

Over the last 18 months our HR teams have been at the forefront of navigating the turbulent waters of the Covid-19 global pandemic with rapid response essential during the crisis. HR Leaders have been at the centre of the decision making, with their teams trying to support employees through times of languishing and difficulty. CHAMPS have provided our expertise to HR teams ensuring those individuals also have space to share their personal and team experiences in a safe space, to talk through burnout and trauma-informed approaches. More importantly to have headspace to recalibrate and to reset, as their business moves into a recovery phase.

If you would like to find out how our experts can support with a bespoke session for this group of professionals, please do get in touch.

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How can you help your team’s Mental Wealth and performance in a post-COVID world?

Life and work as we know it has been undoubtedly shaken since March 2020. To help you prioritise employee well-being and increase performance and Mental Wealth, we have created the ‘Building your Wellbeing Culture with CHAMPS’ brochure. This will give you a great sense of CHAMPS and what it is like to work with us as well as setting out the services we provide.

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