Why Team CHAMPS are keen to support Black History Month

One thing that’s become painfully clear to me during the recent Black Lives Matter demonstrations is that we don’t know enough to bring the intention we have to do better to life. We stand up and say it’s time to do things differently, and we mean it, but we don’t know what those things might be.

For those of us who haven’t been treated differently according to our skin colour, our grandparent’s country of origin, or the name we have sitting at the top of our CV, we are protected from many of the day to day prejudices and discrimination that is experienced by so many people we know and love. Experiences that don’t hit the headlines, but that cause significant distress to individuals.

This is why CHAMPS is keen to support Black History Month. Because we do want to do something proactive. We want to learn. We want to challenge ourselves. We want to know. We intend to continue to look at our own practices as an employer, a supplier and as colleagues to ensure that we are doing everything we can to truly support diversity. Not just ticking boxes, sharing hashtags or monitoring our approach and then leaving it to sit in a dusty virtual cupboard…

October is Black History Month and is about redressing the balance. It’s about seeing the significant contributions made by Black people and understanding how our lives are so much better and richer for it.

As such, in supporting Black History Month we’re hosting a webinar about race to help organisations enhance support to their Black colleagues and employees’ mental health. We hope that you will join the CHAMPS team in attending it.  It’s being offered at a nominal fee of only £10 plus VAT.  We are hoping those who attend will also join Team CHAMPS in committing to:

  • Sharing one example of racial discrimination that they have heard about / witnessed during their life that might not make the news headlines
  • Suggesting one way in which they can be proactively anti-racist in their area of specialism and through their work for CHAMPS

To sign up for the webinar, click here.

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