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What is Mental Wealth?

If you’ve been following the CHAMPS blog and our social media you’ll have no doubt heard us talking lots about Mental Wealth. But what does it mean?

In essence, the term is a combination of Mental health and Wellbeing. All too often, people associate mental health with mental health problems – as though mental health is a negative thing. It’s what we talk about when we think about mental illness, disease, anxiety, depression or suicide.

Of course, it is absolutely right to use it in this context, however, we all have mental health, and our mental health can be both good and bad. When it’s bad, it can result in mental health problems, but when it’s good, it can open many doors and allow us to realise our true potential.

Similarly, while the term wellbeing is generally used in a positive way, it’s a concept that many people struggle to really grasp. This could be because of the fact that wellbeing and wellness are often associated with a much broader spectrum of factors – many of which relate to our physical wellbeing. Which is why, when we think about wellbeing, we can immediately conjure images of meditation, healthy eating and exercise.

I wanted a term therefore that would be perceived in a more positive light but that would also connect more strongly with our minds. And I also wanted to promote the need for us to invest in our mental health. Good mental health isn’t generally something we are automatically blessed with, we need to look after our minds which can take time, energy and commitment – it’s not something that necessarily comes naturally to us.

Plus, having worked in the financial sector in a previous life, merging the words ‘health’ and ‘wealth’ made so much sense in the context of investing in something.

So Mental Wealth is about how we can tap into our thoughts, feelings and emotions to re-frame how we are viewing our life. It’s about identifying our strengths, having compassion for ourselves and others and learning how to be our best selves. Above all, it should help to make us feel more happy too!

While CHAMPS works extensively with leaders in organisations to promote a positive culture for employees, we realised that there is also an onus on individuals to play a role in this. It is of course the responsibility of the employer to make the workplace environment healthy and one in which staff can thrive. But we can all play a role as individuals if we consider how we can be the most supportive colleague, manager or friend, for example. And, simply, how can we be effective in whatever role we play in life by tapping into our strengths, our good vibes and our happiness?

This is the reason we launched the My Mental Wealth™ online coaching course – to empower individuals to invest in their own Mental Wealth – and to share tips, tools and exercises that we know really work.

The course is one that can be done at your own pace, and it includes several modules covering topics such as mindfulness, engaging with others and the world around us, switching off, creative expression and the links between the mind and the body in relation to food and exercise.

Anyone wishing to find out more or sign up to the course can do so by visiting the My Mental Wealth™ website

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