Volunteering at Vann Fest – Mental Health First Aid in action

In June 2019 Team Champs were asked to be onsite festival Mental Health First Aiders at Vann Fest, during National Volunteers Week.  Our role was to provide Mental Health First Aid support to any festivalgoer who needed or wanted to talk about mental health & self-care and we met so many amazing people when they stopped by to find out more about our perspective on Mental Weatlh. It was great to hear how people are looking after their mental wealth – from meditation to making music.

As you can see, Ruth & Anna really got into the festival spirit too – having fabulous custom t-shirts made (check out WeAdmire in Shoreditch if you want one of the coolest designer t-shirts in town) and turning their hands to tarot cards and hair-braiding! They had such a good time that they were checking out next year’s ticket, window shopping for matching wellies, designing outfits and planning next year’s extended schedule on the way back!

Team Champs are so grateful to the whole Vann Fest team for looking after us alongside of all festivalgoers, ensuring the smooth running of the festival and the super enjoyable time had by all.

Get in touch if you want to talk about workplace mental health — without the sweaty palms or awkward silences. More to come next year! – Champs out!

Picture credit: @bibbyproductions

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