Thrivership Coaching – Helping to facilitate empowerment from trauma and abuse

I can always remember one of the incidences of intimate partner violence or domestic abuse that I experienced that was related to the workplace. I was 19 years old, and I had organised the work Christmas party. It was a lavish affair and it had taken months of effort, organising and planning. My partner did not want me to attend, and all hell had broken loose at my home, where I lived alone. He wouldn’t let me go. The details are quite fuzzy now, but I remember three of my work colleagues turning up at my front door on the way to the party, to try and convince me to attend. I sat there on the steps of my flat telling them there was no way I could go whilst sobbing my heart out. There was also some altercation between my partner and the colleagues, as he came out to tell me to come back inside.

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