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Team CHAMPS on their favourite alcohol-free bevvies

As we approach this year’s Mindful Drinking Festival we’ve been chatting about our favourite alternatives to the usual boozy tipples you might find yourself guzzling on a night out. No longer do you need to wake up with a banging head and vague memories of a major faux pas to enjoy a few glasses of delicious Prosecco or refreshing lager.

But, as with anything, not every A/F drink on the market is all its cracked up to be. So, to help you make some good choices we decided to share our all-time favourite tried and tested alcohol-free drinks.

Ruth Cooper-Dickson, Founder

My favourite has to be Noughty by Thomson & Scott. I love fizz, because it makes everything feel like a celebration! As someone who no longer drinks alcohol, for me AF Noughty does not compromise on taste or sparkle and always makes a night out feel special.

Tara Kent, CEO

My favourite is Seedlip Grove (the citrussy one) with Fever-Tree’s aromatic tonic.  As a drink it has all the aroma and taste of a Hendrix & tonic but none of the gin-mpact the next day.  Add a slice of lime to Seedlip with elderflower tonic and I am just as happy!  I love gin but too much makes me tearful and low. Seedlip is my happy alternative.

Kate Ridley, Training and Operations Co-ordinator

I rarely drink alcohol at all as I don’t really like the taste of it – I tend to limit my drinks to tea and squash! Therefore, in place of an alcoholic drink my first choice would have to be a peach iced tea – as it combines my two favourite drinks and reminds me of my days living in Sydney, Australia.

Tasmin Lofthouse, Social Media Manager / Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant

I’ve been sober for six and half years now so I’m a huge advocate of the message that you don’t need alcohol to have fun! I’ve had my fair share of drink-fuelled nights out but now I’m over alcohol culture and I’m enjoying living a happier alcohol-free life. My go-to non-alcoholic beverage of choice has got to be either a Fentimans Rose Lemonade or Dalston’s Fizzy Rhubarb Soda for a refreshing and uplifting drink with just the right amount of sweetness… and without the alcohol of course!

Annabel Watters, Product & Events Manager

Like Tara, Seedlip Grove 42 with tonic is by far my favourite gin and tonic replacement. It’s super citrussy, feels like such a treat and goes so well with heaps of ice and a garnish of grapefruit peel.

Lucy Nichol, PR Manager / Freelance PR Consultant

I love a nice refreshing lager but I always used to be disappointed with what was on offer in the alcohol free section of the supermarkets. Things have really gone up a level over the last couple of years though, and I particularly love the Budweiser Prohibition lager that’s on sale in loads of places. For something a little different though, I do enjoy the taster variety pack of lager from the Alcohol Free Shop online. Maissel’s Weisse is definitely a favourite.

Hayley Humble, CHAMPS Associate

My favourite has to be Freixenet 0.0% alcohol-free sparkling wine. I love bubbles and I found this to be a wonderful alternative to Champagne because it’s not too sweet and it feels like you’re drinking the real thing. At approximately £5 a bottle it’s affordable and whilst it doesn’t stop me dancing on tables or cartwheeling across wedding dance floors (true story) it definitely doesn’t give me the next day (or even multiple days after) hangover heebie jeebies!

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