Creating Leadership Capability


Creating Leadership Capability


Successful leaders are more than experts in their field. They’re empathetic, dynamic and positive. They ooze the key qualities they want to see in their teams. Above all else, they genuinely care.

Leaders’ actions are amplified as a result of their authority and position, and actions always speak louder than words. Our sessions empower leaders to bring out the best in their workforce by bringing out the best in themselves. We’ll prove that compassion and vulnerability are two of the most powerful attributes to have in your arsenal.

Team CHAMPS is not just a training provider. We are a team of consultants and facilitators who have experience and expertise in organisational change and leadership development and use that – together with systemic themes we collect through our interactions with you – to inform our advice and challenge your thinking.

We love to partner with leaders to help you focus and devise your holistic wellbeing strategy. This will give you the greatest opportunity to achieve your business objectives and maximise the ROI of educating or training your people. Without it, the return on any investment in training people (not least their resilience and efficacy under pressure) will quickly diminish because put simply, people will only deploy their ‘wellbeing’ capabilities if they feel psychologically safe enough and supported to do so.

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Managing Mental Wealth for Optimal Business Performance

This programme aims to help managers and leaders at all levels understand what Mental Wealth is and why it is important to manage in a way that both enhances it and delivers sustained long-term performance (i.e. the organisational duty of care in practice). This is grounded in the very real challenges the ongoing pandemic is creating (i.e. return to office-based working for some, economic pressures, anxiety and uncertainty of travel, possible local lockdowns, any concerns about schooling, etc).

Managing with Mental Wealth in Mind

Managing with Mental Wealth in Mind is an interactive and engaging workshop designed to help you support your team’s mental wellbeing at work. In today’s fast paced “always on” culture, many employees find it difficult to unplug and effectively balance the demands of work and life.


How can you help your team’s Mental Wealth and performance in a post-COVID world?

Life and work as we know it has been undoubtedly shaken since March 2020. To help you prioritise employee well-being and increase performance and Mental Wealth, we have created the ‘Moving Forwards, COVID-19 Recovery Action Plan’. Sharing insightful statistics and reports into the state of work and workplace well-being since the COVID-19 pandemic, along with actionable advice and a roadmap to recovery, this COVID-19 Recovery guide has everything you need to prepare yourself and your team for a post-COVID world.

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