Creating Leadership Capability


Creating Leadership Capability


Successful leaders are more than experts in their field. They’re empathetic, dynamic and positive. They ooze the key qualities they want to see in their teams. Above all else, they genuinely care.

Leaders’ actions are amplified as a result of their authority and position, and actions always speak louder than words. Our sessions empower leaders to bring out the best in their workforce by bringing out the best in themselves. We’ll prove that compassion and vulnerability are two of the most powerful attributes to have in your arsenal.


Managing Through Uncertainty

Leaders and managers are key when it comes to creating and delivering psychologically safe workspaces. Their ability to role model, project confidence and reassurance, and connect at a human level with those they lead or manage is crucial given the ongoing level of uncertainty we face over the coming months. This workshop aims to help them understand the factors that help create psychological safety, how to establish and communicate boundaries that deliver this in practice and consider the most effective way to manage the performance agenda in a way that allows everyone to thrive.

Managing in Response to Declining Mental Wealth

Managers are the guardians of your organisational duty of care. They interact day to day with every individual employee and have the ability to support their wellbeing and enable their performance. Managers are the people who are best placed to be the ‘first responders’ when it comes to spotting signs of a potential decline in Mental Wealth. This workshop is a targeted, practical guide to helping managers know the signs to look out for in this next phase of Covid-19, build knowledge & confidence in how to talk to team members about them and consider what support to put in place to help counter the decline during a period of continual change and uncertainty.

Harnessing Our Authenticity for Kindness and Growth

Being your authentic self in times of uncertainty and change, requires you to address your values and beliefs, meaning and purpose. This engaging leadership workshop focuses on; what does it mean to be authentic? How can you self-reflect in a way that is kind & compassionate? How does authenticity unlock performance and potential through positive psychology principles? Leaders and managers will be required to navigate new obstacles as lockdown lifts. How will you build on your strengths enabling you, your teams and your business to thrive moving forwards?

Managing Mental Wealth for Optimal Business Performance

This programme aims to help managers and leaders at all levels understand what Mental Wealth is and why it is important to manage in a way that both enhances it and delivers sustained long-term performance (i.e. the organisational duty of care in practice). This is grounded in the very real challenges the ongoing pandemic is creating (i.e. return to office-based working for some, economic pressures, anxiety and uncertainty of travel, possible local lockdowns, any concerns about schooling, etc).

Managing with Mental Wealth in Mind

Managing with Mental Wealth in Mind is an interactive and engaging workshop designed to help you support your team’s mental wellbeing at work. In today’s fast paced “always on” culture, many employees find it difficult to unplug and effectively balance the demands of work and life.


Does your workplace keep people well? We’ll show you how...

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