Creating Leadership Capability


Creating Leadership Capability


Champs sees those in leadership roles as vital to any successful strategy to develop a culture of positive mental wealth in an organisation. Leaders’ actions are amplified as a result of their authority and position, as well as speaking more loudly than their words. Whether they want to be or not, they are role models. Invest to ensure they are positive ones and your leaders are confident in their actions.

Our goal is to help leaders focus on what they can do to both optimise business performance and create a culture of positive wellbeing. Often these two vital business agendas seem incompatible or a deficit-based approach is taken, which can disengage people and have the opposite effect to that intended. Leaders who understand how these two agendas are intrinsically linked and who consistently ‘walk the talk’ through a proactive and open investment in their own mental wealth will greatly enhance the return on any investment you make in wellbeing.


Leading for Mental Wealth

  • In Person
  • For Leaders
  • Half-day workshop

Leading For Mental Wealth is an interactive and engaging workshop designed to help leaders proactively role model and lead by example to bring a culture of positive wellbeing alive. Time is spent on understanding your own stressors, how to effectively manage them and how to spot signs that others may be struggling. The focus then shifts to helping you communicate this in a way that gives permission to others and to exploring the very common day-to-day dilemmas leaders face in balancing the business and wellbeing agendas. You’ll leave with a pragmatic action plan and broad awareness on how to combine this learning into a holistic wellbeing strategy for your organisation. A follow-up coaching session allows you to translate this broad awareness into a tangible plan.

Managing with Mental Wealth in Mind

  • In Person or Online
  • For Leaders & Managers
  • 120/180-minute workshop or Half-day option

Managing with Mental Wealth in Mind is an interactive and engaging workshop designed to help you support your team’s mental wellbeing at work. In today’s fast paced “always on” culture, many employees find it difficult to unplug and effectively balance the demands of work and life.


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