One Day My Mental Wealth™ CHAMPion Training


09.07 - workload mental health

Course Overview

The One Day My Mental Wealth™ CHAMPion training is aimed at all employees in a workplace. It is perfect for those who have people management responsibilities as part of their day job, leading to some likelihood of them coming into contact with people who may be experiencing declining mental wellbeing.

My Mental Wealth™ CHAMPion training is a great opportunity for an individual to upskill their mental health awareness, focus on preventative measures and can respond in a mental health crisis. The training provides focus on understanding the importance of wellness leadership, in the promotion and responsibility of individual self-care, using the CHAMPS MWealth model.

Delegates experience a live, fun and interactive session, with a 1:1 check-in post training to ensure safety and welfare. All My Mental Wealth™ CHAMPions are given access to a resource hub, hosted on our My Mental Wealth™ e-learning portal.


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