New Year, New Foundations

Here we are again the start of a new year. I have just gone back into the CHAMPS blog archive to read what my colleague Tara wrote this exact time last year. We were of course in the grips of a third lockdown here in the UK and I think everyone was feeling the same sense of exhaustion Tara describes from the corona-coaster of 2020 and who knew 2021 would still be so tumultuous? Change and uncertainty are still ever present and a constant companion as we head into 2022, so how do we ensure we continue to build solid foundations when it comes to Mental Wealth?


It is not big news, that if we are to keep ourselves mentally and physically fit, we must invest time and effort into our self-care; from the basics of getting enough sleep and creating movement in our bodies, to balancing time at work, knowing how to deal with pressure and sustaining healthy boundaries in both our work and personal life. Therefore, it does make sense if we think the same way about our organisations, as living and breathing entities, they too need a solid and secure foundation to build the Mental Wealth of their employees.


For example, once we master the basics of moving our body regularly, we might aim to walk or jog a local Park Run, so as an organisation how do we get the basics in place to continue to support our people with their wellbeing, whilst devising then going on to enable our wellbeing strategy, move into action, and create wellbeing initiatives which support the business objectives?


For Team CHAMPS Mental Health First Aid can still be one of the most effective ways to build that foundation and support across your business. Having a cadre of Mental Health First Aiders could bring many benefits to your business


  • It encourages the development of your people with an additional skillset
  • It demonstrates an investment that leaders know the importance of creating a workplace culture that supports and looks out for others
  • It creates a more holistic and diverse approach to mental health in the workplace with the ability of those trained to connect with your employee resource groups, and share stories from different backgrounds
  • If encouraged and given permission, your MHFAs will advocate and champion your mental health and wellbeing strategy at a grassroots level, thus creating local departmental change which can be rolled up to the top level
  • The employee services that you spend budget on such as an Employee Assistance Provision will be better communicated and more visible through signposting and communication.



These are a handful of the reasons why having a group of Mental Health First Aiders deployed across your organisation, albeit in a thoughtful manner, can assist you in moving forwards and achieving your wellbeing strategy goals and objectives. In line with this, we wanted to make sure at Team CHAMPS you had the opportunity to kick-off the new year with our MHFA training led by experienced practitioners and we have organised an open seat Online Mental health First Aid session, allowing you the ease of not having to host your own in-house course.


Whether you are looking to add to your existing group of Mental Health First Aiders, would like to try out the training before running an in-house programme, or you’re a smaller business that only requires a handful of employees to be trained, then we have you covered with the perfect option.


CHAMPS will be running a virtual open seat session, with the training spread across four half days. The price per person is £350.00 plus VAT and the dates are 22/02, 24/02, 01/03 and 03/03. For further information or to sign-up click here to send an email to the training team.


CHAMPS has trained almost 800 individuals in Mental Health First Aid skills since we started as an organisation, a statistic which we are extremely proud to shout about! In addition, if you are now needing to consider Refresher training for your existing Mental Health First Aiders, I am delivering an open seat virtual Refresher Training on 22nd February 9am-1pm at the price of £150.00 plus VAT, click here to book your spot or find out more.


We look forward to partnering with you again in 2022 and seeing you at our trainings, workshops, events, and webinars.


Wishing you a healthy, happy, and safe 2022.






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