Mental Health First Aid


Champs is an accredited MHFA England instructor organisation and believes Mental Health First Aiders and Champions play a vital role in any holistic wellbeing strategy.

Creating a culture that invests in developing and enhancing Mental Wealth is our focus and we also recognise that, no matter how well you do this, there will be people in every organisation who are experiencing poor or declining wellbeing, whether linked to something in the workplace or life outside work. Accredited Mental Health First Aiders or Champions will be able to support those people and demonstrate an organisations’ seriousness or commitment to supporting Mental Health too.


Mental Health First Aid

  • In Person
  • For all employees
  • Two-Day, One-Day and Half-Day plus the new Adult Refresher course

From an organisation’s standpoint, having sufficient MHFA-trained people across the organisation is most powerful as part of a wider holistic Wellbeing strategy. Which training you choose will depend on what else you are doing and the roles people are in; the information that follows will help you decide. 

Regardless,the role of someone with MHFA training is to provide a listening ear, reassurance and support to someone who is experiencing a consistent dip in their mental wellbeing. We all have bad days when we are just out of sorts but when it continues for more than a few days in a row it can start to impact our daily lives. Having a ‘go-to’ person who can support and guide them towards relevant help if needed can make a real difference and help make life at work easier, not to mention helping to prevent a decline leading to mental ill-health. You don’t need any specific skills to become one – simply an open mind and a genuine care and interest in listening to others.

We offer all of the Adult MHFA courses, including the new ‘Adult Refresher course’ which is aimed at giving people an annual skills update to ensure they have the confidence and capability required. We also offer the Youth training 2-day version.  All courses use a mix of input, group activities, exercises and discussions and Team Champs aims as much as possible to link everything back to your organisational context to make the learning transferable back into your workplace. We also share our personal lived experience of mental ill health at work to bring the content to life.

Click below to see more details about which is right for you or your organisationor book a complimentary consultation to discuss with one of the team.

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