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The difference between First Aiders and First Aid Champions is one of degree:  First Aiders are asked to complete a more in-depth training course covering a greater range of mental ill-health conditions that reflects the relatively greater level of people responsibilities they have day to day. We would also anticipate that First Aiders would occasionally be called on to support First Aid Champions, should they meet those mental health issues that are less likely to develop for the first time in the workplace.

The half-day ‘Mental Health Aware’ training is slightly different: it doesn’t include the first aid ‘action plan’ but does raise the general level of awareness about mental health which can be helpful for people who aren’t in a position to act as First Aiders/Champions but who do want to be more informed.

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The following information will help you decide which option is right for you or your organisation.

The two-day Mental Health First Aider training is aimed at everyone but is particularly perfect for people in a role with substantial day to day people responsibilities, leading to an increased likelihood of you coming across a greater volume of people who may be struggling with poor mental wellbeing and/or more significant mental health issues. From an organisation’s standpoint, it is most relevant for those working with customers or in an end-user role, business services professionals (HR, L&D, Talent, Recruitment) and line managers with responsibility for the larger teams in the organisation or in the most demanding/high-pressure business areas.

The one-day Mental Health First Aid Champion training is aimed specifically at all employees in a workplace but is particularly perfect for those who have people or line management responsibilities in the course of their day job, leading to some likelihood of coming into contact with people who may be struggling with poor mental wellbeing.  It greatly increases people’s knowledge and confidence about mental health and stress in the workplace.

The half-day Adult MHFA Refresher training is perfect for First Aiders or Champions who completed their two- or one-day training more than a year previously and who want to be kept up to date or boost their confidence, in exactly the same way that physical first aiders are.

The half-day Mental Health Aware training is perfect for those who want to know more about mental health in general, know what signs & symptoms to look out for and how to talk to someone about them if necessary.  Many senior leadership teams opt to do this session and we can ensure that, if so, they have the opportunity to discuss and agree what they want to do to demonstrate their commitment and support to Mental Wealth following such a session.

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