Mental Fitness



Course Overview

The 'need to know':

Early-careers employees might struggle to adjust to the demands of work. If left unchecked, their productivity, engagement and mental wellbeing can suffer.

Champs’ Mental Fitness training gives your new employees the insights, resources and tools they need to thrive at work and look after their mental health now and into the future.

Perfect for you if:

  • You want to support your early-careers employees and new talent as they transition into the workplace
  • You want to strengthen your team by helping them develop the personal coping strategies and insights they need to manage stress at work
  • You want to effectively “onboard” your new team members to help them adjust and thrive
  • In Person or Online
  • For early-careers employees and new talent
  • Half-day or full day

Topics we cover:

  • How to identify, address and manage your individual stressors as a new employee
  • How to adopt a “growth mindset” that will help you build a more resilient attitude and effectively face challenges at work
  • Creating your personal toolbox of resources, mentors, and strategies for managing stress and building mental wealth throughout your career

Interested in helping your new talent build resilience and thrive at work? Reach out to see how we can help you make it happen:

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