Meet Team CHAMPS


You can locate our HQ in London, with our core team being based in London and the South of England.

As a business we are huge advocates of both flexible and remote working. Previously as a business, we delivered in-person across the length and breadth of the UK, but the pandemic opened an opportunity to partner remotely with global clients, without the high impact to the environment with overseas travel. This enables us to work with organisations with multi-national sites and remote teams.

We offer our workshops in French, German, and Spanish and have translated our content into many different languages.

We also have a new team based in the US in California.


Join Team CHAMPS

We are always on the lookout for passionate and experienced individuals across the spectrum of wellbeing and organisational behaviour, connect with us to arrange a chat.

Ruth Cooper-Dickson


Ruth’s Mental Wealth secrets

  • Running, any time and any place – especially along the coast or out in the
    countryside trails it is the one thing that gets me out of my head and
    creates space
  • A strong black americano with a side of cake or a pastry– for those moments
    of pure indulgence, especially with a good book to read
  • Spending time with my family! I am the eldest of five siblings and with a
    grand total of nine nieces + nephews it means “Auntie Ruthie” time is very
    hectic, precious, and special

Shirley White

Executive Assistant

Shirley’s Mental Wealth secrets

  • A daily dose of exercise from lifting weights to walking football
  • Connecting with friends for real life hugs, smiles and a good old natter
  • A nice cup of Yorkshire tea with a great book and a duvet

Tara Kent

Leadership Consultant / MHFA Instructor / Facilitator / Coach

Tara’s Mental Wealth secrets

  • Swimming in the (heated 😊) outdoor pool near me as many mornings a week as possible – the only thing that can get me out of bed before 6am come rain or shine!
  • Snuggling with my 2 cats – Jazzy and Lily the furry therapurrsts
  • Watching comedy clips – Sarah Millican and Michael McIntyre are favourites or an episode of Friends (word perfect for most of them!)

Tasmin Lofthouse

Marketing Consultant

Tasmin’s Mental Wealth secrets

  • Keeping active and pushing her comfort zone with bouldering and climbing
  • Reminding herself that she’s only human and it’s okay to take a break
  • Cake… and lots of it!

Sara Brewer

MHFA Instructor/Facilitator/Coach

Sara’s Mental Wealth secrets

  • Spending time with her husband to laugh, cry, share, support and enable
  • Exercise keeps her grounded and allows her to sort her day and sometimes her head out
  • Celebrating what she has in her life, not chasing what she doesn’t

Ashley Bivens

MHFA Instructor/Facilitator/Coach

Ashley’s Mental Wealth secrets

  • Ashley makes sure to receive 8 hours of sleep everyday
  • Rest as needed and not over working
  • Spending time in nature and appreciating her surroundings

Lisa Rogers


Lisa’s Mental Wealth secrets

  • Talking long walks in the countryside with her husband, 2 kids and over enthusiastic Labrador
  • Sleep – always trying to get at least 8 hours a night
  • I find exercising helps me to keep a clear mind and refocus on what is important

Imogen Maresch


Imogen’s Mental Wealth secrets

  • Connecting regularly with friends to talk, laugh and play games
  • Taking daily walks in the woods, savouring the changing seasons (which are still a novelty after years of living in the tropics!)
  • Making time to breathe deeply throughout the day to relax and reset

Claudia Geratz


Claudia’s Mental Wealth secrets

  • Immediate stress buster: getting my hands dirty in the garden for calmness, perspective, and a renewed connection to what really matters
  • Overwhelm antidote: walking on a lonely Irish beach and letting the wind and the sound of the waves clear the mind
  • Reliable energiser: philosophical explorations on random topics with other curious minds

Julie Pone


Julie’s Mental Wealth secrets

  • Sea Swimming with a bunch of great friends, to get all the benefits of cold water, exercise and great social interactions in one best way to start the day!
  • Hiking on her own to connect deeply with nature, always on the lookout for a welcoming rock to sit on and meditate.
  • Nurturing her inner state throughout the day, remembering to breathe and be present, to be able to respond and not just react to life!

Laura DeCook

US Mental Health First Aid Instructor/Facilitator/Speaker

Laura’s Mental Wealth secrets

  • Orange Theory workouts 4-5 times a week
  • Cuddling with her senior rescue snowshoe cat Layken
  • Traveling the globe and eating all the things

Stefanie Langer


Stefanie’s Mental Wealth secrets

  • Evening reflection: revisit the day, value the good and let go of the bad things
  • Starting the day with 12 min meditation
  • Walking in nature

Dr Sunni Patel

Culinary Medicine and Fitness Coach

Dr Sunni’s Mental Wealth secrets

  • Make time to be lazy and switch off completely, time to play and nurture the inner child
  • Invest in therapy, reflection and practice
  • Fill my life with the rainbow – brightly coloured fruits and vegetables as well as colourful people

Dr Hannah Abrahams

Educational & Child Psychologist

Dr Hannah’s Mental Wealth secrets

  • Spending time outdoors with nature, it’s refreshing, invigorating and allows time for reflection
  • Making time to spend with friends and those she loves, they are her tonic
  • Getting a good night’s sleep so she is ready for the challenges of the day

Dr Rebecca Moore

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Rebecca’s Mental Wealth secrets

  • Lots of sleep!
  • Practising yoga on a regular basis to keep mentally and physically strong
  • Travel

Sandra Suomela


Sandra’s Mental Wealth secrets

  • Boxing
  • Getting out of my head for at least 2 hours daily; immersed into something where I forget the world and life around me (always with music)
  • Engaging in spontaneous conversations with loved ones and strangers, spending time with the loved ones

Charlotte Eade


Charotte’s Mental Wealth secrets

  • Building movement into my day. This could be changing my desk from sitting to standing or walking the kids to/from school
  • Having a checklist of things to have on my desk that support me to start my day well.    For example, a cup of tea, a glass of water and a snack
  • Asking myself the question ‘what would I do if I really loved myself?’ whenever I need to decide something (when I remember!),  as it encourages me to make a conscious choice from teeny tiny decisions to big ones.

Gavin Percy

MHFA/SFA Instructor

Gavin’s Mental Wealth secrets

  • Happiness hour – taking one hour a week for myself and really appreciating that I have done something for ME
  • Practising 10 keys to happier living 
  • Try to carry out daily activities on my happiness calendar