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Managing with Mental Wealth in Mind is an interactive and engaging workshop designed to help you support your team’s mental wellbeing at work. In today’s fast paced “always on” culture, many employees find it difficult to unplug and effectively balance the demands of work and life.

This training will help you identify and address specific stressors that may be negatively affecting your team’s wellbeing. With a focus on action-taking and finding solutions that make sense for you, Managing with Mental Wealth in Mind will equip you with a new level of awareness and a comprehensive gameplan for looking after yourself and your team at work.

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Every Managing with Mental Wealth in Mind workshop is tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Our facilitators come prepared with relevant case studies, exercises and activities that reflect the unique challenges and opportunities you face today.

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How can you help your team’s Mental Wealth and performance in a post-COVID world?

Life and work as we know it has been undoubtedly shaken since March 2020. To help you prioritise employee well-being and increase performance and Mental Wealth, we have created the ‘Moving Forwards, COVID-19 Recovery Action Plan’. Sharing insightful statistics and reports into the state of work and workplace well-being since the COVID-19 pandemic, along with actionable advice and a roadmap to recovery, this COVID-19 Recovery guide has everything you need to prepare yourself and your team for a post-COVID world.

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