Let’s Talk About Mental Wealth



Course Overview

The 'need to know':

Creating a thriving culture of mental wellbeing at work requires everyone to be “all in”.

By giving yourself and your team the knowledge and skill sets required to support each other in staying well in the workplace, you can build an effective mental health “safety net” that allows you to address issues before they become emergencies.

Let’s Talk About Mental Wealth is a training that will help you create a robust culture of “looking after one another”, and turn your workplace into a source of support rather than a stressor.

Perfect for you if:

  • You want to build awareness within your team of the connection between workplace burnout, depression and anxiety — and how to identify the signs
  • You want to equip yourself and your team with the insights, strategies and “know how” required to look after each other at work
  • You know that a thriving culture of mental wealth requires everybody to pitch in, and you want to give yourself and your team the ability to identify, discuss, and address mental health challenges in the workplace
  • In Person or Online
  • For All Employees
  • 90-minute Workshop

Topics we cover:

  • The signs and symptoms of anxiety, depression and workplace burnout — how to spot it in yourself and others
  • How to have effective conversations with each other about mental wellbeing and how to support teammates in staying well at work
  • How to be a “mental wealth champion” at work by looking after yourself and your teammates, with actionable tools to help you address issues before they become emergencies

Are you ready to ingrain a positive culture of mental wellbeing in your workplace? “Let’s Talk About Mental Wealth” might be exactly what you need. Reach out below to chat with Champs!

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