Let’s Talk About My Mental Wealth TM



Course Overview

Session overview and objectives:

A thriving workplace culture of Mental Wealth requires everybody to pitch in and this workshop is perfect for organisations that want to give their whole team the ability to identify, discuss and address mental health challenges at work. The workshop is aimed at all levels of employees to provide them with a base level of Mental Wealth knowledge. The session will build awareness on the connection between languishing, workplace burnout, depression and anxiety. It will equip you and your team with the insights, strategies and “know-how” required to look after each other at work, and how you can easily begin to embed the right behaviours required to make a positive shift within teams.

Those who attend will learn:

The signs and symptoms of languishing and workplace burnout; an awareness of their red flags when it comes to spotting declining Mental Wealth when under strain.

Being able to spot the signs and symptoms when someone is not okay and how to have an effective and courageous conversation with team buddies, supporting each other to stay well at work.

Insights and tips on strategic self-care such as ways to foster resilience and how to boost Mental Wealth with simple effective positive psychology interventions.

Actionable tools and relevant signposting for internal and external to your organisation.

We aim to tailor every Let’s Talk About My Mental Wealth TM workshop to the organisation, whether this is through weaving in the language or utilising wellbeing/change models that your people will have experienced the workplace. Our facilitators come prepared with relevant activities that reflect the unique challenges and opportunities that you face today. A handout is provided following the session for guided reflection, a chance to work on additional activities, signposting and to continue the conversation within your teams.

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Life and work as we know it has been undoubtedly shaken since March 2020. To help you prioritise employee well-being and increase performance and Mental Wealth, we have created the ‘Building your Wellbeing Culture with CHAMPS’ brochure. This will give you a great sense of CHAMPS and what it is like to work with us as well as setting out the services we provide.

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