Leading for Mental Wealth​


Course Overview

The “need to know”:

We create a safe and confidential space in which you can explore your leadership and the vision for the culture you want to create, that in turn informs the wellbeing strategy your organisation needs.

You also receive an individual coaching session following the workshop with one of the Champs coaches. This will allow you to create specific, personal and confidential action plans, as well as addressing any aspects of your leadership style you wish to develop.

Perfect for you if:

  • You know wellbeing is important, but so too is business performance, and you regularly see that one is prioritised over the other, leading to a less than optimal result for someone
  • You want help to create a holistic and sustainable wellbeing strategy for your organisation
  • You know what you want, but not how to achieve it in practice
  • You want specific, actionable tools and strategies for supporting your team’s wellbeing in the workplace
  • In Person
  • For Leaders
  • Half-day workshop

Topics we cover:

  • The importance of mindfully attending to and balancing the needs of the organisation (us), the team (we) and the individual (me).
  • How to become a positive leader by considering:
  • Clear articulation of your vision to help others envision the culture you aspire towards
  • Role modelling and demonstrating congruence between your actions and words in order to minimise the gap between your intention and your impact
  • Dealing with everyday dilemmas in a way that is balanced and supports both the performance and wellbeing agendas
  • Understanding the relationship between pressure and performance, when pressure becomes stress and the organisational risk of burnout
  • Developing your strategy to lead a culture in which everyone places a positive focus on developing and maintaining Mental Wealth through proactive management of stressors

Leading for Mental Wealth can be run for whole leadership teams or groups of leaders from the same or different organisations. The first two are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Our facilitators come prepared with relevant case studies, exercises and activities that reflect the unique challenges and opportunities you face today. Following the event, you will be invited to join our Champs Leadership community, where you can network with like-minded peers, share experiences and learn from other leaders.

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