Leading Blindfolded

What a roller coaster the last two weeks have been – or the first two weeks A.C. (After Coronavirus!) as I’m personally calling it. In that time, I’ve found myself talking about the change curve a lot. About how we’ve all been plunged into letting go of our old status quo and being required to change, against our will and without any consultation. Change isn’t new, of course. But in most organisational change situations it is planned and anticipated. Which allows leaders time to get to grips with what is coming, to put a change team together, to involve representatives from across the organisation to help think about how to land and communicate change in the best way and to get managers ready to support those they manage through the change. And even with that planning many change programmes fail to live up to what is promised. Which is probably why poorly handled change is cited by the recent Deloitte report, as a key driver of mental health issues in the workplace now I come to think about it.

Regardless, when change is planned or anticipated, leaders and managers are usually slightly further ahead on the change curve than everyone else and so can try to help those they lead and manage once they are started on the journey. And oh, what a lovely place B.C. (Before Coronavirus) was. Change as a result of this pandemic has allowed no head starts. Leaders and managers have been plunged into the change curve along with everyone else and given us no opportunity to plan or prepare. They themselves are having to respond and learn how to manage their own new reality themselves, let alone others’. And they are having to do that whilst being looked to by those they lead & manage to find the way.

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