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“Let’s get real about mental health at work”


Team CHAMPS is a collective of experts across the topics of Mental Wealth, wellbeing, positive psychology, leadership and organisational change and development.

Whether you are looking for a speaker for a wellbeing event, a specific awareness day or you would like for us to curate a whole programme for your organisation, we are able to offer you our expertise, wisdom, warmth and even humour!

We deliver keynotes on a regular basis for our clients but some of our larger ventures include a global two-day Health Day programme for our client Thinkproject, Expedia’s Wellness month in California, Club Soda’s Global Mindful Drinking Festival, ING’s Global Diversity & Inclusion week in Amsterdam, the Women’s Economic Forum in Slovenia, and an Instagram entrepreneurial retreat in Bali.

Please reach out to our friendly team at to request a chat to talk through what you think you might need, we will always be honest and advise how we can best help to ensure maximum value for your budget.

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How can you help your team’s Mental Wealth and performance in a post-COVID world?

Life and work as we know it has been undoubtedly shaken since March 2020. To help you prioritise employee well-being and increase performance and Mental Wealth, we have created the ‘Moving Forwards, COVID-19 Recovery Action Plan’. Sharing insightful statistics and reports into the state of work and workplace well-being since the COVID-19 pandemic, along with actionable advice and a roadmap to recovery, this COVID-19 Recovery guide has everything you need to prepare yourself and your team for a post-COVID world.

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