Individual, Team and Group Coaching



Coaching Overview

Coaching is a powerful tool when it comes to changing behaviour and moving towards a culture shift and can help individuals or groups embed the learning they have gained in a workshop or other setting into their day to day behaviour. It requires a commitment to action from the person or group being coached and for that reason is best suited to those with active sponsorship from leadership and a mandate to change or influence others. This can be leaders, managers or specific nominated employees.
Whether it is to help you find your conviction to change or to help you identify the actions that are most likely to help you succeed, all of our coaches have the skill and experience to support you as you work towards your goal.

Examples of outcomes from typical coaching sessions:

Individual Coaching is tailored to meet your specific needs and those of your organisation where appropriate. This will be agreed upon in discussion with your coach, along with the duration, frequency and number of sessions. 

Team Coaching is a powerful way for a team to come together and bond; to improve their health and wellbeing, personal strengths, self- efficacy, and establish how to work at their optimal performance. Evidence from research suggests that organisational interventions are most effective when delivered at a group level rather than individually and this can be equally true for coaching, particularly if the individuals involved don’t have specific objectives to work towards in mind. Team coaching allows the group to get a shared understanding of the organisation and the systemic issues impacting it, as well as awareness of how their individual behaviour, role modelling and decisions can have a broad impact. Attending sessions with peers can open up that bigger picture more effectively than individual coaching.
Group Coaching is where a cohort of people come together who may not necessarily know each other, or they unite through a common role, project, or campaign, for example, CHAMPS have delivered group coaching to cohorts of Mental Health First Aiders as they navigate their role.

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