Global MHFA & Suicide First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is an internationally recognised training course and CHAMPS have now trained over 1000 employees in MHFA skills across the globe.

In addition, only the most experienced suicide prevention trainers are accredited to deliver the unique learning experience of Suicide First Aid, Tara from Team CHAMPS is one of them.

  • First responders are a great addition to your wellbeing strategy, providing employees with a community offering preventative signposting, Mental Wealth advocacy, and those who will champion your strategy and communications.
  • Often organisations approach us with a request for MHFA training but are confused on which training course is best for their needs, along with questions such as; how many people should be trained, who should be trained, and the ideal locations for the responders across the business.
  • We will provide the guidance with your framework and ensure your first responders are supported before, during and post training
  • All our MHFA and Suicide First Aid Instructors possess workplace experience to help ground the training in a way that benefits your organisation
  • We have now trained over 1,000 employees in MHFA Skills across the globe