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CHAMPS Masters - COVID-19 Recovery Action Plan Masterclass

This online masterclass with Ruth Cooper-Dickson will be sharing key insights into the state of work and workplace wellbeing over the last 18 months and what this could mean for you as a business leader.
This masterclass is perfect for business leaders and managers who want to know how they can prioritise wellbeing and performance as part of their COVID-19 recovery action planning.

How can you help your team’s Mental Wealth and performance in a post-COVID world?

Life and work as we know it has been undoubtedly shaken since March 2020. To help you prioritise employee well-being and increase performance and Mental Wealth, we have created the ‘Moving Forwards, COVID-19 Recovery Action Plan’. Sharing insightful statistics and reports into the state of work and workplace well-being since the COVID-19 pandemic, along with actionable advice and a roadmap to recovery, this COVID-19 Recovery guide has everything you need to prepare yourself and your team for a post-COVID world.

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