CHAMPS Talks – Breathe for Performance

Ruth will be putting a spotlight on breathwork for performance this month.  September has a back-to-school, new year feel, so how about trying out breathwork as a new Mental Wealth habit? This session will cover the background and science to breathwork, the benefits for performance and also provide an opportunity to try some of the […]

MHFA Refresher Course – Virtual

Time to brush up on your MHFA Skills? Our half-day refresher is perfect for you as: * A reminder of what mental health is, factors that impact it positively and negatively, and recovery * A review of the role that stress plays in work-related mental health issues and how to manage it more effectively * […]

Mental Health First Aider training – Virtual

We believe that Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAiders®) offer a vital role in any holistic wellbeing strategy.  Team CHAMPS has trained over 1,000 people in Mental Health First Aid skills, here in the UK but also many overseas and we’re here to help you grow your pool of MHFAiders®. As a Mental Health First Aider […]