Managing Through Uncertainty
Managing in Response to Declining Mental Wealth
Harnessing Our Authenticity for Kindness and Growth


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Course Overview

The 'need to know':

When it comes to buzz words or phrases, ‘unprecedented’ has been replaced by ’new normal’ as we move into Phase 2 of the response to this global pandemic. Organisations are busy ensuring that offices and workplaces are physically safe and enable social distancing practices to be maintained, and we are hearing with increasing regularity what lockdown measures will be eased next. For some that brings relief and excitement (even resentment that it is too slow) and for others it brings anxiety or fear. Working at home has settled into a more familiar and comfortable pattern and any change, even one that is viewed positively, has the potential to create uncertainty, reducing people’s personal capacity to respond or contribute as they normally would. Initially organisations were understanding of the fact that performance and productivity would be impacted; as we aim to return to a new phase of ‘business as usual’ however, it is likely that pressure to deliver business performance will ramp up again, particular if the pandemic has seriously eroded it over the last couple of months.

Perfect for you if:

  • You have leaders and managers feeling that pressure the most, and yet they themselves are grappling with the uncertainty. All of this reduces their capacity to deliver this duty of care in practice unless they too get the support they need. Our workshops can help you to give them that support. All can be provided for either leaders, managers or both. The content will be tailored as appropriate to the audience and your organisational context.
  • In Person or Online
  • For Leaders & Managers
  • Each workshop is 90 minutes

Topics we cover:

  • Creating and delivering psychologically safe workspaces
  • Managing declining Mental Wealth and becoming a ‘first responder’
  • How to be more authentic and role model as a leader
  • The impact of Positive Leadership

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