Managing Mental Wealth for Optimal Business Performance



Course Overview

Session overview and objectives:

Our working world is increasingly complex and never more so than post the global pandemic. The challenges of dealing with a global ‘always on’ economy, hybrid working and the ‘anxiety hangover’ from the pandemic are significant and add to an already heavy workload for people. Anyone who has manager responsibilities not only has to navigate these challenges personally but also support and enable those they manage to navigate them too. All whilst delivering a high level of performance across their team to meet targets that are likely increasing as
businesses seek to recover from the last couple of years.

Managers who attend this workshop will learn:

The landscape they are managing within: how their actions impact others’ Mental Wealth, the relationship between pressure, performance & Mental Wealth and the early warning signs of declining wellbeing (in themselves and others).

Positive prevention: How to create a working environment that encourages and enables team members to openly talk about Mental Wealth, proactively invest in their own and ask for support when needed without fear of judgement or negative consequences.

Proactive support: How to confidently support a team member who is demonstrating the early warning signs of declining wellbeing (including what to say/not say and what stops them having these conversations in practice).

Managing the balancing act: How to maintain an effective balance between business performance and wellbeing including typical scenarios managers face.

Every workshop is tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation in collaboration with you. Our facilitators come prepared with relevant statistics, exercises, activities and case studies that reflect the unique challenges and opportunities people face at the time, so that the sessions feel current and up to date.

All attendees will receive a handbook that includes the content covered and prompts further reflection to help them put their learning into practice.

This handbook will be either hard copy or in editable electronic format.

Topics we cover:

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How can you help your team’s Mental Wealth and performance in a post-COVID world?

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