At CHAMPS we talk Mental Wealth. But what does that mean?


CHAMPS Learns compiles some of our favourite resources for maintaining positive Mental Wealth for both individuals and organisations. Have an explore, get stuck in, and give us a shout if you need anything.

Listen to our conversation with Ruth and Tara as they discuss the topic of loneliness and why human connection is so important, helping to maintain positive Mental Wealth. The chat covers different hints and tips for managing your own loneliness, how to look out for your colleagues, as well as affirmative psychology interventions to boost your connection.

Questions and polls were also carried out throughout the webinar to further our open discussion.  

CHAMPS Talks Imposter Phenomenon

Listen to the conversation with Ruth and our special guest, business leader and international author Jo Wimble-Groves. Jo and Ruth are chatting about the topic of Imposter phenomenon or Imposter syndrome as it is more commonly known. They discuss how and why it comes about, the fact it happens to everyone not just women, plus practical tips on how to move forwards.

Jo shares some of her nuggets from her book “Rise of the Girl” and answers some of the audience questions during this live webinar.

CHAMPS Talks Power of Greens

On our March CHAMPS Talks we’re covering the array of greens available to us, as well as the science and inspiration of how to use and add greens in our day to day lives to promote good health.
Super greens, wonder greens and the power of greens…do they truly offer us the benefits that we are told?

Dr Sunni gets up close and personal with the array of greens available to us, as well as the science and inspiration of how to use and add greens in our day to day lives (contains a demo with lots of ingredients!).

Suicide First Aid

Suicide is one of the topics that many people find incredibly difficult to talk about. Stigma, shame, embarrassment, and awkwardness surround it, with people focussing on the tragic impact of it more than understanding what drives people towards it.

Tara Kent, Team CHAMPS, takes us through the importance of suicide prevention, what you can do to help, and the various Suicide First Aid courses that are available.

An interview with Dr Sunni

When it comes to gut health, Dr Sunni has both the personal and professional experience needed to support people on their own journey to achieving improved gut health and wellness. 

Having spent 15 years as a published clinician-scientist,
Dr Sunni also lives with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and has a history of an eating disorder – all of which fuel his commitment and passion to helping others. Dr Sunni joins Ruth, CHAMPS CEO, and shares his tips and advice for gut health, performance and wellness.

Sketch Yourself Free!

Get a fresh and fun new perspective on drawing, portraiture and self-love with this playful 1 hour live recorded workshop. Dulcie Ball – Artist, Author and Founder of Sketch Appeal CIC chats to Ruth, CHAMPS CEO, about discovering sketching through her mental ill-health journey. Dulcie shares with Ruth short, fun and creative exercises which will have you smiling and discovering your inner artist – imperfection guaranteed!

Cleaning Up

‘CLEAN’ is a simple methodology for five ways to wellbeing. Take a look and have a listen to Tara Kent, Team CHAMPS, and have a think about any of these areas which could do with a bit of improvement for you.

Jin Shin Jyutsu Energy Flows

Join us for a session exploring Jin Shin Jyutsu Energy Flows. This can help boost energy and balance emotions.

Yoga Nidra

Join Hayley Humble for a 10-minute guided Yoga Nidra meditation session. Get comfortable, turn off and tune in.

New Rules

New Rules is the podcast from CHAMPS founder, Ruth Cooper-Dickson, which encourages business leaders to break the rules.

In an ever-changing and increasingly complex world, Ruth invites industry-leading guests to have honest conversations about their own experiences of innovating their business through the lens of a positive psychology theme.

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