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Champs Associate

Mental wellbeing at work is about more than fruit baskets in the break room on Fridays...

The stark reality is:

Of employees

exhibit symptoms of poor mental health at work

Over 60%
Of employees

cite work as the
reason why

Of employees

exhibit symptoms of poor mental health at work

Over 60%
Of employees

cite work as the
reason why

We can do better. We need to do better.

Leading organisations know that looking after their people’s mental health at work isn’t just another box to tick or workshop to attend — but an essential part of their strategy for growth and sustainability.

And we know that’s why you’re here.

Our Mission

At Champs, our mission is to equip you with the practical tools, knowledge and information you need to create a lasting culture of positive wellbeing and engagement at work.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself asking questions like…

“How can we navigate tricky conversations around mental health at work, prevent emergencies before they happen, and respond effectively when they do?”

“What can I do to keep myself and my team feeling connected, supported and happy in the workplace?”
“How can we turn big ideas like “mental health and wellbeing” into an asset that drives better performance, engagement and retention within our team?”

That's where Champs comes in.

We excel at engaging teams, managers and leaders like you in productive and meaningful conversations about building mental health and resilience at work. Our tailored trainings, expert coaching and interactive workshops drive real results and lasting change for the companies we work with… Without gimmicks, cookie-cutter training programs, or stuffy two-day events in sight.

Our Approach

If it wasn’t already obvious… we do things a little differently at Champs

The Champs approach to building mental wealth at work:

Relatable insights & actionable advice

Put simply? We get it, because we’ve been there too.

All of our trainers have personal experience in corporate environments, which means we’re intimately familiar with the challenges you face today and how to navigate them effectively.

Expert guidance,
curated for you

We help you implement modern, research-backed solutions that work…

And our down to earth & practical approach engages even the most reluctant participants in open, honest conversations about how to look after our mental health at work.

Spotlight on creativity & potential

We believe mental health is important, but it shouldn’t be boring.

We focus on creating lasting ‘light bulb’ moments for you and your team. If you’ve ever left an expensive workshop wondering whether you learned anything useful… it’s time for a different approach.”

All of this is wrapped up in our most important guiding belief...

Companies grow and people thrive when we bring mental health out of the darkness and into the light.

Because brains are weird, modern workplaces are complex, and nobody is without their own stresses or challenges at work. The time has come to shed the stigma, shame, and fear surrounding mental health — because it affects all of us. This also means the responsibility to do something about it belongs to all of us, too. So if you need a little help illuminating the path forward… And if you’re ready to ingrain a culture of mental wealth in your organisation, and turn it into an asset that drives your big vision forward — today, tomorrow, and well into the future…

It’s time to begin talking about mental health at work in a whole new way (minus the sweaty palms and awkward silences)

What People Are Saying


Ruth Cooper-Dickson

Founder / Managing Director

Ruth founded in Champs in 2015, after a 20+ year career in talent, inclusion and business improvement strategy. After a difficult experience of burnout at work, Ruth saw first-hand that many organizations struggle to support their people’s mental wellbeing and are even more unsure about how to handle mental health challenges when they arise.

As a qualified Mental Wealth Coach and Positive Psychology Practitioner, Ruth has a personal interest in exploring how we can have more candid and productive conversations about supporting mental health in the workplace. Ruth shares openly about her personal journey towards wellbeing while navigating an anxiety disorder, and she’s currently completing a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology.

Ruth's mental wealth practice looks like...

– Dark chocolate and 10-minute morning yoga at home
– Flicking through Vogue magazine with a frothy coffee
– Purposeful work & sharing Champs’ mental wealth mission with the world


Tara Kent


Tara is a highly relational Organisational Development consultant, Leadership coach, facilitator and trainer with over 20 years of experience with one of the largest professional services firms.  A key strand of her work involves support to build and maintain resilience and wellbeing alongside the need to adapt to constant change and foster greater ‘human skills’ in the face of developing technologies.

Tara has personal lived experience of Depression and Generalised Anxiety Disorder which was only diagnosed when she experienced Burnout and Breakdown towards the end of her corporate career.  That experience triggered her to make a significant career change in order to aid her recovery at the beginning of 2017. During a break from corporate life, Tara became a Mental Health First Aid Instructor and, in addition to bringing her OD experience to the field of Wellbeing & Resilience, is now accredited to run the full suite of MHFA Adult programmes.

Tara's mental wealth practice looks like...

– Ensuring she gets a full 8 hours sleep every night
– Gets outside for a walk every day whatever the weather
– Spends enough time with good friends to keep her connected


Marilyn Reeve

Executive Assistant

Marilyn is our Executive Assistant. She has over 14 years’ experience in the corporate sector working in law firms as a Legal Secretary, PA and Document Production Specialist. She is also a trained Proofreader. As a single parent, she is particularly interested in the impact of mental health on – and the availability of support to boost – wellbeing in single-parent families.

Marilyn's mental wealth practice looks like...

– Spending time with family and friends as nothings beats cuddles and giggles with her boys (and her cats!)
– Find a song to match and lift her mood
– Laughing while watching reruns of Friends or Modern Family


Hayley Humble

Champs Associate

Hayley is one of our awesome Champs associates who is a Positive Psychology Practitioner with a unique set of skills combining her in-depth experience as a leadership, management, resilience and performance coach, married with her practical knowledge from over 22 years working as a clinical practitioner in health, well-being, fitness and injury rehabilitation.

Hayley's mental wealth practice looks like...

– She lives by the sea, so she swims most days in order to get her regular dose of ‘Vitamin Sea’
– Laughing is key part of Hayley’s day to dissolve tension and change challenging energy
– Hayley uses mediation for a little re-set in her working day to give her clarity and allow creativity


Sara Brewer

Champs Associate

Sara is one of our awesome Champs associates who has 25years experience as learning and development professional, mental health at work facilitator, resilience and wellbeing coach, and StRaW practitioner (Sustaining Resilience at Work), specialising in resilience, wellbeing and mental health awareness training. She is particularly interested in increasing literacy levels and knowledge around mental health, as well as sustained transformational behavioural change through resilience coaching.

Sara's mental wealth practice looks like...

– Spending time with her husband to laugh, cry, share, support and enable
– Exercise keeps her grounded and allows her to sort her day and sometimes her head out
– Celebrating what she has in her life, not chasing what she doesn’t


Emma Wilson

Champs Associate

Emma is one of our awesome Champs associates who is an early career researcher in the field of mental health and psychology. She is also an MHFA Instructor for the Adult and Youth courses & part of our team of accredited Positive Psychology Practitioners, researchers, certified coaches & Mental Health First Aid instructors.

Emma's mental wealth practice looks like...

– Talking about her problems in difficult situations
– Practising mindfulness and becoming aware of the present
– Laughing with her friends or while watching her favourite comedy


Ashley Bivens

Champs Associate

Ashley is one of our awesome Champs associates who has spent the last 14 years in the corporate sector working in non-profit, property, law, finance and media. She is also a certified Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) who became passionate about MHFA after setting up the Disability Committee for one of her former employers and taking a MHFA course.

Ashley's mental wealth practice looks like...

– Ashley makes sure to receive 8 hours of sleep everyday
– Rest as needed and not over working 
– Spending time in nature and apprecciating her surroundings

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