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5 Ways to Support Remote Workplaces That Resonate in 2022


Some workplaces may have begun to go back to in-office operations, but many companies across the globe still offer remote work to some capacity. In fact, this report shows that more than two-thirds of businesses in the UK continue to do so, while almost three-quarters of firms expect at least one team member to continue working remotely. Although it’s safe to say that most remote workers have already adapted to the lifestyle two years into the pandemic, any support from their employers will still prove to be valuable. Here are five ways to show support to your team members.


Maintain communication

One of the major pain points for remote teams is the difficulty to keep up with internal affairs, so it’s important to maintain proper communication channels. While newsletters through email are still an option, it can be a bit too impersonal especially in a setup with very minimal interaction with others. As this feature suggests, you can use technology to your advantage and arrange quick one-on-one check-ins, surveys, and team-wide calls to make sure everyone is on the same page.


Implement boundaries between work and personal matters

One way to prevent burnout among employees is to get rid of the ‘always-on’ culture. Research has shown that after-hours emails can greatly affect employee health by causing stress and fatigue during periods that are meant for rest and recuperation. Unrealistic expectations for employees can hinder them from getting sufficient time for their personal needs and unwinding from a busy workday.


Provide ergonomic accessories

As explained here, ergonomics refers to the process of using anthropometric data to determine designs that make items much easier for people to use. For those who spend many hours doing a certain task, it can lead to poor posture which can cause more serious and lasting health problems such as body pains and spinal problems. To provide the best ergonomic accessories to support your team, this guide lists several items including a split mechanical keyboard, trackball mouse, wrist rest, and laptop stand, among others. Investing in these could also up your employees’ overall productivity.


Implement shorter work weeks

A full eight hours a day may not exactly equate to eight hours of productive work. Research suggests that most people are at their highest productivity levels for only four to six hours a day at most, especially when they know they have more days to accomplish tasks. Shortening or allowing more lenient work hours may have a positive impact on your employees in the long run. Shorter workweeks also encourage them to maximize the time they spend doing work and allow them to be more well-rested for future workdays.


Take employee health seriously

Surveys show that more than half of employees would willingly participate in workplace physical and mental wellness programs if provided by their companies. Some companies do so by offering discount gym memberships or online fitness class subscriptions to their employees. Providing easily accessible information about where to go for mental health support also encourages a more open culture within your teams. You can click here to learn more ways to support your employees’ wellness.

Through your efforts, you can keep working towards the goal of providing a supportive workplace environment for your employees no matter where they may be.


Post solely for the use of champsconsult.com By Natalie Williams

Author bio:

Natalie Williams is a business coach and freelance writer on the side. Her goal is to promote a balance between productivity and wellness among the different organizations she works with.

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