Supporting your organisation to live and breathe a culture of positive Mental HealthMental Wealth

CHAMPS will support you to navigate your organisation’s Mental Wealth strategy, enabling your people to perform at their optimum, whilst sustaining positive wellbeing and engagement

  • We can support your organisation at a global level
  • Workshop delivery available in English, French, German, and Spanish
  • Online, hybrid and face-to-face delivery styles
  • Enhanced membership programme to provide the best ROI for your wellbeing budget
  • Positive Psychology, Organisational Psychology and Leadership experts
  • Accredited MHFA and Suicide First Aid Instructors

Protect Your Business From Burnout

Arguably the biggest challenge of the 20’s. 

Burnout is most effectively tackled at an organisation and team level.

If you’ve lost energy, enthusiasm, and motivation, it will only move your bottom line in one direction.

A Longer-Term Holistic Perspective

Investing in a holistic wellbeing strategy makes good business sense with higher returns than if you invest on an ad-hoc basis.

Leadership: From Advocacy to Action

Setting a strategic intention is easy. Getting your leaders to live and breathe it every day is a real challenge.

Managing Business Risks

Everyone struggles at times, ensure your business is backed up with qualified First Aiders.

Build Confidence & Capability Throughout Your Business

Every single one of your people needs to have the knowledge and skills to bring your strategy to life.

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Our Mission

CHAMPS are seen as trusted experts supporting every organisation we partner with to ingrain a culture of positive Mental Wealth allowing their people and business to flourish.

Delivering your Mental Wealth strategy should not be overwhelming.

Which is why we’ve created the Phoenix Partnership to allow you to soar.

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